Fifi will captivate her audience with her unique and exquisite style... 
A sultry vamp that will be sure to lead you to escape into her
own world of true vintage glamour.



 Inspired by the Golden age of Hollywood and The Folies Bergere,
Fifi slinks onto the stage in a sumptuous and stunning vintage silk and 
ostrich boa show coat before peeling off glitter filled gloves. Watch as petals fall to climax 
in a breathtaking fan dance with 6ft white fans.

  The Powder Show

Evoking the provocative era of Belle Epoque showgirls and heady glamour.
Exquisitely beaded and embellished matching corset and lingerie are revealed beneath 
a slinky silk and devore evening gown. 
Stockings slip off and glittering powder fills the air as Fifi sensuously powders herself 
with a large powder puff. 

Champagne and Moonglow

Ethereal and seductive , and inspired by 1930's star Sally Rand's
famous bubble act but with an added twist!   
Fifi poses and plays with a 4ft diaphanous bubble before disrobing
and adorning herself in champagne bubbles before an explosive and glittering climax! 

Fire Acts


La Vamp Nocturne

A scintillating and raunchy striptease and fire act inspired by the 
original parisian vamps of the 1920's. 
Slinking onto the stage in plumes of cigarette smoke and dressed to kill in a 
vintage beaded dress and velvet cape. 
Fifi slowly teases and removes her attire before a seductive fire show. 

(Fire skills include body burning and fire eating)

The Divine Marquise

Inspired by Marchesa Luisa Casati, the infamous fashion legend of 1920's Paris
known for her eccentric and extravagant sense of style and a muse to this day.
Fifi blends an erotic mix of unique glamour and circus flair to indulge her audience,
seducing provocatively  as she removes exquisite  costuming.
(sideshow tricks include human ashtray, fire performing and wax pour )